The Void

My world went from married with two children, a mom and stepdad who rocked, a brother I was finally connecting with, a slew of friends, and a large family of in-laws to...not so much.

Let me tell you give you a brief glimpse:

June 2, 2010--Rob and I celebrated 19 years of marriage
June 27, 2010--Rob moved out
July 30, 2010--I sat in a hospital conference room and looked at x-rays and MRIs showing large masses in my mom's lungs and brain
August 2, 2010--I told my mom and stepdad that Mom had cancer...she was terminal.
August 15--The brain tumors took their toll on the relationship between Mom and my stepdad, and mom came to live with the children and me.
August 28--Mom chose to move home.
September 27--Mom woke up about 5:00 am sick at her stomach...we were at the end.
October 2--Mom went to be with Jesus.
October 6--We laid mom's body to rest
November 1--My uncle with whom I lived in college passed on
End of November--Rob made the choice to start a new life and wanted a divorce.
December--I cried...a lot. The day after Christmas I asked Rob again to work things out and come home, to restore our family. He said he was happy and was only waiting until I was ready before he filed for divorce.
January 11, 2011--I filed the petition for divorce.
February 4--Rob told the children he had decided not to come home and would be seeking a divorce.
February 15--Rob died of a massive heart attack.

In the midst of this, my stepdad went into an angry depression and quit speaking to me. Friends took sides and have declared the children and me dead to them. The large family of in-laws? I have contact with two of them. For the most part, they were Rob's family, not mine, and Rob is gone, and so are they.

It has been a wild and painful ride, and there are days I really would like to send in my request for transfer, but for whatever reason, God has chosen to put me here, now. Prayerfully, something in my journey or my story will help someone else in their journey.

Prayefully, you'll find something to encourage you, too.

Still believing He creates in the void,